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Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week (which was, if you missed it, Book Week):

  • Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Books
    Whether printed or electronic books are your poison, voracious reading can be an expensive habit. Here’s our top ways to keep reading for less.
  • Five Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives The Windows Task Manager is a functional but basic tool for keeping an eye on what your computer's up to. If you want to go beyond the built-in tool and for more in depth information and control, check out these five alternatives.
  • VistaSwitcher Is An Absolutely Awesome Alt-Tab Replacement Window switching utility VistaSwitcher replaces the boring Alt-Tab built into Windows with an incredibly useful alternative-complete with eye candy and loads of keyboard navigation options.
  • Best Tools For Reading And Creating PDFs
    There are numerous formats for e-books and other electronic documents, but PDF remains the most common and popular. Here’s the tools you need for reading and working with PDF without spending a fortune or succumbing to Adobe bloatware.
  • Top 10 Reminder Tools For Forgetful Minds Tweak your workflow and inboxes all you want, but your mental memory might always be the weakest link in your day-to-day life. These 10 tools take some of the workload off your brain, and prevent a few forehead slaps.
  • Blackra1n Jailbreaks iPhone 3.1.2 Firmware Windows: Blackra1n continues in the long tradition of jailbreak apps that never say die when faced with Apple updates. It won't unlock an iPhone for carrier switching, but Blackra1n does give you third-party, unofficial apps and features on your iPhone.
  • Mobile Phones Are Ruining Our Memory For Numbers
    It’s hardly surprising that in an era of saturation mobile ownership, memorising phone numbers is no longer our top priority. A new study suggests just how slack we’ve become: apparently half the population can’t even remember their office phone number.
  • Eoin Colfer: The iPhone Is The Hitchhiker’s Guide
    Eoin Colfer — the man stuck with the daunting task of writing the sixth book in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy — might be bitterly disappointed that he’s just lost his iPhone, but he’s pretty much convinced that the device comes close to replicating the guide itse
  • First Glimpse At What The Chrome Browser May Look Like In Chrome OS Over the weekend someone stumbled onto a Chrome browser build for Chrome OS on Google's servers. We've seen several false-alarm looks at Chrome OS, and while it is only the browser, it provides a glimpse into the direction Google's going.
  • Use Ping-Pong Balls To Create Diffused Party Lights If you need some cheap and novel ambient lighting for your next party, you're only a box of ping-pong balls and a string of lights away from solving your lighting worries.
  • Michael Pollan's 20 Food Rules To Live By Many Lifehacker readers turn to In defence of Food author Michael Pollan's practical, no-nonsense advice when they're looking to eat better and healthier. Over at the New York Times, Pollan has pulled together 20 solid-sometimes silly-eating rules of thumb.
  • Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 "Test Build" Now Available Windows/Mac/Linux: It's not the official beta of Firefox 3.6-that's been put off for a week. But a "test build" of Firefox 3.6 has landed, with Windows 7 compatible taskbar thumbnails, visual tab previews, and a new rendering engine.
  • B2 Gmail Notifier Is A Slick Email Notification App Windows/Mac/Linux (Adobe AIR): Email notification application [b2]Gmail Notifier tells you when you have a new email message with slick animations and a full message preview.
  • Integrated Gmail Updates With Improved Looks And Handy Features Firefox: Integrated Gmail is a clever way to load any Google app on one landing page. With version 2.0, it also adds a lot of interface fixes and helpful features, in the style of a certain well-known Gmail extension.
  • Omnibar Extension Collapses Firefox's Address And Search Boxes Into One Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): The Omnibar extension makes Firefox's awesomebar act like Google Chrome's omnibar, collapsing the address bar and search into one single text box.
  • PwnageTool Updates, Jailbreaks iPhones And Most iPod Touches Mac OS X only: The Dev-Team iPhone hackers have released yet another update to their jailbreaking PwnageTool that supports all iPhone models running the 3.1.2 update and every iPod touch model but the third generation.
  • WinExt Is An App-Launching Toolbar For Your Desktop Application launcher WinExt adds another toolbar to the top or bottom of your screen, giving you quick access to your most frequently used applications, folders, or bookmarks.
  • Status Address Bar Increases Screen Real Estate, Still Shows Where A Link Is Pointing Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Whenever you hover over a link, Firefox extension Status Address Bar displays the URL a link is pointing to in your Firefox address bar, eliminating the need for your status bar and freeing up precious screen real estate.
  • Photo Uploader For Facebook Is A Dedicated Desktop App For Facebook Windows/Mac/Linux: Free application Photo Uploader for Facebook sounds like its simply a tool for uploading pictures to the popular social networking site (which it does via a simple drag-and-drop), but it's also a robust desktop client for Facebook complete with notifications.


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