Kidmondo Lets You Chart Your Child's Milestones

KidmondoWeightThese days, posting photos of your child on Facebook or Flickr is a standard way of sharing key moments. Those services are useful and free, but lack structure. Online baby journal Kidmondo is an alternative way of keeping a record of your child's development.

As well as the expected photo and video uploads, there's a built-in timeline, growth chart and health milestones features so you can keep those key moments organised. You can selectively grant access to friends and family, which is useful for privacy-minded parents. There's a selection of colour themes, including the predictable blue and pink. Some of the interface is a little rough around the edges, but overall it's a good option for storing your family's history.

The basic free service offers 100MB of storage and up to three journals; upgrading to a $US39 premium account gives you unlimited journals, 5GB of space and no ads.

Kidmondo [via Gail On Tech]


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