iPhone Pizza Apps To Explode Next Month

Looks like November will be the month when ordering a pizza easily on your iPhone becomes a reality down under. Domino's is planning to launch an iPhone app on November 11 (according to an invite that recently landed in the Lifehacker inbox), which might explain why Pizza Hut also recently proclaimed plans to release an Australian pizza-ordering iPhone app "soon". Either way, looks like mozzarella stains could soon be another screen-wrecking hazard.


    Excellent, now that they have made it easier to order, the next step is making pizzas which are palatable enough that I will want to order them.

      I agree.
      I don't find it too much of a stretch to use my phone to call the pizza shop, speak to someone I know, and order food that has been made with love, not by students.

    Regardless, I have a friend who is a fatty who will love this.

    I'll go for Pizza Hut over Domino's - Dominos has to many kids working for them and they are lazy as hell...every pizza I have had from my local Dominos is bad almost no cheese even on a cheesey pizza... Pizza Hut is further away but I would rather travel for something half decent.


    Looks like it's just launched, found it on itunes.

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