Improve Google Maps By Reporting Problems

Ever followed Google Maps direction to a "t" only to end up staring down the wrong way of a one-way street (or some other bum direction)? Now you can help them fix the problem so that, hopefully, it won't happen again.

As you can see in the video, whether a street's name has changed, a new road exists, or a park was built, reporting a problem is simple. Just right-click the map, walk through the problem wizard, and let them know where they went wrong.

You could just ignore the error—after all, you know that Google doesn't have it right after the first time the mis-map burned you—but think of all the good karma you'll be scoring for the rest of the folks who won't end up with bad directions.

Your world, your map [Google Lat Long Blog]


    Damn. Appears that this isn't available for google maps au yet - and I was wondering just last week how to update my street!

    Once again Lifehacker AUSTRALIA jumps the gun. The "report a problem" feature doesn't work in Australia.

    When it was first released in Oz there was a link originally to help correct errors, I'd used it many times, but nothing ever got corrected...

    I reported some errors a few days ago - directly with the mapping provider google uses... Via email... after googling google to find the documentation!

    I've reported a number of problems via the Google Maps forum but they've never been corrected either. Some are fairly major, like clicking on an Australian map location in Google search results and being taken to a US map location. There are a number of other contexts where Google Maps overrides Australian settings to take you to a US location.

    google maps au is incredibly overdue to have this function

    there's a street-naming problem that i first reported 2 years ago & have re-reported every few months since (even resorted to photocopies & snail mail earlier in the year)l

    2 years with no response + no fix = no good

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