IIA Updates List Of Approved Internet Filters

FiltersOne common argument against mandatory Internet censorship and the so-called 'clean feed' is that content control should be left in the hands of individuals rather than forced on everyone. If you're a parent who wants to restrict access for your kids, the Internet Industry Association list of approved filters is a handy place to start.

Picture by aslakr

The IIA funds testing of various filters to test their effectiveness as part of a scheme that allows participating ISPs to offer 'family friendly' services. As of this week, the IIA recommends the follow filters:

  • Safe Eyes, v 4.3 for PC and Mac
  • F-secure Protection Service for Consumers v 6.15
  • Optus Internet Security Suite (enabled by F-Secure)
  • Puresight PC v 6.1.88
  • Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security
  • For other options to consider, check out our Hive Five of the best content filtering tools.



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