Hotmail Phishing Attack Exposes Thousands Of Passwords

HotmailLogoWhile I suspect most Lifehacker readers long ago abandoned Hotmail for Gmail or other alternatives, lots of us probably still have an ageing Hotmail account lying around used for Windows Live services or IM. So the news that up to 100,000 passwords for Hotmail accounts have been exposed should be a cue to change the password on that account.

The BBC reports that details of up to 100,000 accounts, apparently obtained through phishing, have been published online. While most of those accounts appear to be based in Europe, changing your password to something secure and unique is still a sensible step. (And before everyone goes on an anti-Microsoft rant, bear in mind that security is an issue for every email platform, Gmail included.)

Thousands of Hotmail users hacked [BBC News]


    And if you have any friends who send you messages about acai berries or other spammy things when they are offline, tell them to change their password as soon as possible :)

    Skeptics have pointed out that it would be hard to prove one way or another that it was mass phishing or a more serious security breach at Microsoft, and it would be convenient for M'soft to let responsibility fall on the users for being phished, instead of a breach at their end.

    If credentials for dusty, dormant Hotmail accounts were posted, it would seem to indicate the latter, as there's no other possible way the passwords could've been obtained. It's difficult to know, however.

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