Guard Your Post Box As Well As Your Online Passwords

PostboxRegular Internet users are conversant with the importance of protecting their credit cards and bank accounts by using secure passwords, maintaining good security software and maintaining a certain cynicism — but it's also important to make sure no-one is rifling through your physical mailbox.

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A recent survey of 1,100 Australians by Veda Advantage found that 7% of them had experienced theft of personal mail — a similar proportion to the number who have had their credit cards skimmed or attempts made to illegally access their bank accounts. Credit card statements and bills offer a wealth of personal information, so don't let them stack up in your mailbox where anyone can get them. And once you no longer need to retain them, make sure your shred them before they hit the recycling bin.


    What's the point when Australia Post is either stealing our mail (Today Tonight findings have shown there are several employees within the system who steal mail) or they can't even deliver the mail? I've had 3 packages never make it to my doorstep, because they delivered it to the wrong street! And these were at separate houses (I move a lot).
    But then again, for the mail which does arrive, padlocking I guess is important. The house I moved into already had a padlocked letterbox, with the lock built in, leaving me with no choice but to use it.
    Little did I know, there were letterbox theives in my area!

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