Google Maps Offers Public Transport Directions For Cairns

GoogleMapsCairnsCoverage of public transport options on Google Maps continues to incrementally improve. Cairns is the latest city to include a public transport option when offering directions, covering bus services in the greater Cairns area.

Cairns joins Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney's least useful transport service on the roster (along with Wellington in New Zealand). The service is due to be expanded to Townsville and Rockhampton in the near future. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Sydney! Melbourne! Brisbane!

Transit directions for Cairns in Google Maps [Official Google Australia Blog]


    Brisbane's TransLink seems as usefully technophilic as they come. Their mobile journey planner website works brilliantly for me. Just wish they had a "favourite journeys" facility (or my Nokia and/or Opera mobile browsers had a webform autocomplete facility) and it'd be pitch perfect. []

      If Translink didn't have a mobile journey planner in this day and age, I would consider them technophobes. Google Maps and iPhone app is mandatory I'd say.

      Brisbane's translink is good. I just which it integrated with the iPhone's location services.

      If it could automatically grab the current location and use that as a start or end point for a route, that'd be awesome.

    I find the Translink planner much more cumbersome to use than google maps as per Adelaidemetro integration, being a visual kind of person i relate to maps and images more then a series of dot point names. Maps/satellite/street view images are also much easier to use for those not from the area (i.e. don't know the names of places well). The maps also make it easier to tell when connecting services suggestions are silly too as you can see it for yourself.

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