Google Experiments With A Single-Word, Fading Homepage

Google Experiments With A Single-Word, Fading Homepage

Google is reportedly experimenting with a new fading homepage design in an effort to create a cleaner, simpler interface.

The experimental design does away with every detail except for the Google logo and the search box, revealing the other navigation links only when a user mouses over the screen (one version of the page removes the “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons entirely).

Check out the above video demo to see the fading homepage in action, then let us know if you think this would be a welcome feature in the comments.

[via TechCrunch]


  • Yawn. On any other website, this wouldn’t even rate a mention. Does anybody actually still use the Google homepage? I for one have been using the search box built into Firefox/IE7/Safari.

    I try not to use Google products wherever possible. I know they have a “Do no evil” policy, but I hate to think what they would do with a complete monopoly.

    Viva la Dogpile!

    • Instead of Google documents, I use Microsoft Office (you could also use OpenOffice). I’m yet to see any function of Google documents that isn’t better done with either MS Office and email, or a wiki.

      For GMail, I just use an IMAP mail server and Thunderbird. Works a treat, and I have complete control over it.

      Google Calendar is the hardest, since (except for MS Exchange) nobody else has really done anything about synchronising calendars. I personally don’t bother, I only have one PC I use with any frequency.

      • Guy people like you make me laugh… they go out of their way to be “i will never use X products” etc.. just based on principle.

        What’s next, you will not visit sites that are powered by google or have adsense implemented?

        If you base everything on “good & evil” then you are probably going to die young stressing your life to make this silly little rules for yourself.

  • Jack, I think you might have missed the point. Just curious if you paid for your version of XP, Vista (Ultimate, home etc.) or Windows 7? Along with the MsOffice suite?

    That must have been a few thousand $$ your have given to M$ and yet if you used google apps such as Google Docs, gmail, and their FREE OS you could go on that much deserved holiday you so desperately need by the sounds of it.

    • This kind of question is a bit silly.

      Google basically has all your info stored in it’s huge database online. Now with Windows, Mac or and variation of Linux, you store it on YOUR computer.

      What ever OS you use, at least YOU still have it on YOUR computer with no one doing ‘market research’ without your permission.

      (‘But Seth, what about the loldongs backdoors M$ puts in their software’, It’s called unplugging from the internet, or firewalls)

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