Google Docs Viewer Bookmarklet Makes PDFs Less Freeze-y

Clicking a PDF and waiting, waiting, waiting for it to load, or possibly crash your browser, is an inescapable web annoyance of bad-stand-up-comedy proportions. Unless you convert all of a page's PDF links to open with Google Doc's streamlined viewer.

Joen Asmussen coded the one-click bookmarklet converter because he himself was tired of waiting to see whether Adobe or another PDF plug-in would bring up a document, or force him to use his browser's session restore feature.

It's just as simple to use as any bookmarklet: drag it into your browser's bookmarks or bookmark toolbar, click it on a page with any PDF links, and they'll be converted to show you the document in Google's own online document viewer, which then offers download and printing links. As Philipp at Blogoscoped notes, this would be a great candidate for a simple Greasemonkey script. Any takers?

View PDFs With Google Docs Viewer Bookmarklet [Noscope via Google Blogoscoped]


    Seems a little bit too complicated to use a bookmarklet for this.

    I'm using the experimental extension "google docs preview" which offers "open with google docs" on right click. but eventually i'd like to view all pdf links with google docs with a normal click. is there anything like that at the moment?

    Just what I wanted got the bookmarklet via copy and paste the link below

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