Google Chrome Dev Channel Updates With Better Extension Support

The Google Chrome developers have released a new version this week with enhanced support for extensions and a—dare we say it—proper extensions menu you can access with ease.

Windows and Linux versions received some minor tweaking. The updates to the Mac version include fixing a slew of keyboard commands and updating the way secure HTTP sites are displayed, to more clearly alert the viewer that the site has a bad security certificate.

The real news, however, is the placement of the extensions menu in with the rest of the systems settings making it easier to find and use. Other tweaks and enhancements were made to the extension system; the curious can read over the change log at the link below. If you're already using a dev channel release you can simply go to About Google Chrome and click Check for Updates to update to the newest release. If you're not already using it, but would like to, check out how to get started with it here.

Dev Channel Update - [Google Chrome Releases]


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