Gnoosic Gives Hassle-Free Music Recommendations

Gnoosic is a hassle-free recommendation service. If you can think of three bands you like, it'll start cranking out suggestions for your future listening pleasure.

It's that simple. Visit Gnoosic, give the names of three artists or bands you enjoy listening to, and it'll throw an artist or band out. Tell Gnoosic that you like that artist, don't like them, or don't know what it's suggesting, and you'll receive another suggestion. In our testing Gnoosic is simple and occasionally predictable, but the test run ended up with us listening to a previously undiscovered Velvet Underground album, and pleased with the outcome.

If you've got a favourite tool for discovering new music, let's hear about it in the comments.

Gnoosic [via GeekSugar]


    My friends surf through for music..


    I think people today use youtube for music discovery because it's much more fun when done with the music-videos.

    There are already sites that integrate youtube & gnoosic-like music-recommendation. One good example is

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