Gizmodo's Verdict On The International Kindle

I've been itching to play properly with the international Kindle ever since it was announced, but my usual insane travel plans mean that won't happen for a while. However, Nick over at our sister title Gizmodo has been giving it a thorough going over for a week, and he's identified a few issues with the reader that might just make you pause before buying it.

While Nick is a big Kindle fan, describing it as "well-built, easy to use and convenient device that can offer an immense level of satisfaction", he does point out a few flaws. The biggies? A paucity of Australian authors, US dollar pricing that leaves us all at the mercy of fluctuating exchange rates, and problems with formatting when reading plain text files. Hit the link for the full review, and share your own Kindle experience in the comments.

Amazon Kindle International Edition Review [Gizmodo]


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