Get Quicksilver Working In Snow Leopard

Quicksilver is easily one of our favourite tools ever, but since its future isn't all that bright, die-hard users cross our fingers every time OS X updates. In Snow Leopard, Quicksilver stopped working for many users; here's how to fix it.

Santana over at all-things-Apple weblog AppleDoes details how he got Quicksilver back up and running in Snow Leopard after enduring several bugs and crashes. The method requires you to download two different builds of Quicksilver, then do a little selective editing, deleting and merging the two. It's not an ideal situation, and with any luck some kind soul will someday pick up the Quicksilver torch and continue carrying it into the future (it is open source now), but for the time being it'll do.

If you've been having trouble with Quicksilver and you give this method a try, let's hear how it works for you in the comments.

Quicksilver and Snow Leopard Finally work hand in hand! [AppleDoes]


    Much easier,

    get the latest from the googlecode site

    works out of the box in snow leopard.

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