Get A Free Ubuntu 9.10 CD Through The Post

If the details of Ubuntu 9.10 have you salivating to give it a whirl but you don't fancy chewing up your download limit, don't forget that Ubuntu does offer an option to get a CD shipped for free.

As the Shipit page for Ubuntu points out, delivery for this service can take up to 10 weeks, and they do ask people to think carefully before using the option (a polite way of saying "don't hit us for a free CD if you can download it from work for nothing"). However, for regional users on slow connections, this choice could make sense.

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    if you don't mind paying $2.60 for postage there is a faster local service at


      It's still an option for first-time users though.

    I've signed up for this twice (years apart) and no CDs ever arrived. Has anyone ever actually *got* a CD from this??

    I have got free Cd's from them for a good while now, my first was 7.04 up to 9.04, I do download them also but its also nice to get a proper CD in a packet, but hey thats just me.

    Back at Ubuntu 6.something, I got some Ubuntu CDs delivered- to Bolivia, South America. I was pretty stoked that they got through the post.

    I heard from a friend that Ubuntu to be a very nice software, I want to have a free copy of this valuable cd immediately throught my post of (Ayele Abebe
    Debre-Berhan Research Center 112

    Can you'll please send me an Ubutu cd for this address No. 252/1 Dellanga, Gelioya, Kandy. Sri Lanka

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