Foxtel Satellite Slowly Adding Free-To-Air Digital

Foxtel Satellite Slowly Adding Free-To-Air Digital

Foxtel is rolling out new channels of its own next month, but for satellite viewers there’s often a more pressing question: which free-to-air channels will get included in the package? As new free-to-air digital channels keep appearing, it remains an ongoing issue.

In the case of the two most recent commercial channels to appear — 7Two and Go! — TV Tonight reports that they will appear for Foxtel satellite customers, but not until November 24. The main Seven channel will also become available on satellite in Melbourne and Brisbane from November 15, but remains mysteriously absent in Adelaide and Perth.

[TV Tonight]


  • Well, it’s because unlike cable, the FTA broadcasters actually have to pay Foxtel (or Optus) for a space in the transponder, and for a new satellite… that can’t be a cheap buy.

  • I heard the same thing Idaf.

    I just upgraced to Platinum HD but what I really want more than anything is OneHD on Foxtel but trying to get any sort of timeframe for this is impossible. Foxtel dont even know it seems. Can anyone help please?

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