Fingernail Polish Keeps Your Keys Easily Identifiable

It seems the older we get, the more keys our life seems to require. If your key ring is starting to resemble the one cleaners carry around, try this quick tip to keep them organised and easy to find with fingernail polish.

Professional organiser Beth Zeigler is always looking to find simple ways to trim down the clutter in life; this time she took on her key ring. Instead of using plastic covers to colour code them—which can slip around and add bulk to your keyring—she turned to her stash of fingernail polish instead. A few coats later she had lovely, lacquered keys that are quickly identifiable on the go.

This isn't a completely unheard of use for fingernail polish (a dab of fingernail polish on just about anything can help set similar-looking things apart), but it's a nice way to quickly tell similar looking keys apart without labelling them "front door" and making the lives of thieves easier. Got your own creative method for keeping your keys organised? Sound off in the comments.

Key + Nail Polish = Awesomeness [Bneato]


    Cool idea. I will implement. Just need to find some cheap nail polish from my girlfriend's drawers.

    But I generally use the shape of the key and the feeling in my fingers to identify what key it is. Like at night when there is no light. Is there a way to improve identification of keys without looking at them?

    I have two keys that look exactly the same except one has A on it the the other has B on it.

    I segregate them using keyrings and keep other keys with them so I know "They B key is the one next to the tiny mailbox key" etc.

    I have multiple keyrings, sorted by task. One keyring has a house key and a car key on it. One keyring has a house key and a key for my bike.

    Really don't see the need for lugging around a huge collection of keys that I'm never going to use...

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