Fences Desktop Icon Organiser Updates To Version 1.0

Windows only: Remember Fences, the awesome desktop icon organiser we highlighted back in February? Fences just left beta and rolled out its 1.0 release, and it continues to keep your cluttered desktop icons in attractive, minimal, organised groups.

The video above should give you a pretty good idea of what Fences does and how it might come in handy on your PC, but if you want to get a closer look, check out our original post, which walks through how great Fences is at cleaning up your cluttered desktop in detail. If you're someone who keeps shortcuts on your desktop at all, Fences is a must-have.

Fences is a freeware utility, Windows only.

Fences [via Neowin]


    Fences is cool. I've put it on my mother's PC so she can see all the applications on the desktop.

    I tried it more than once, and each time it seriously clashed my PC.

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