Famous Locations Shows You Where Movies, TV Shows Were Filmed

If you're the kind of fan that loves to dig into the history and process of film and television production—we're talking to you, Google-Map-wielding LOST fans &mdash ;you'll love Famous Locations, an index of where your favourite stuff was filmed.

You can search the Famous Locations site by ZIP code, city or region as well as by the movie title, TV title or actor names. If you're feeling curious without a set searching goal in mind, you can simply hit the main map and poke around for locations that catch your eye.

In our testing, there were two fun ways to use the search feature. You could search for a favourite movie and see all the locations used for that movie. Just as interesting—perhaps more so—is to pick a location that you particularly liked from a movie or television show and see just how many times it had been used as a filming location. Places like the Empire State Building and various areas around the Harvard campus have gotten quite a bit of screen time over the years, it turns out, and might make for interesting drop-bys on a US vacation.

FamousLocations [via MakeUseOf]


    The site is coming up "403 forbidden". Lifehacker crashed it?

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