Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Now Legally Defined

OliveOilLots of recipes call for extra-virgin olive oil, but can any old producer just whack an "extra virgin" label on their wares? The answer is "not any more" with the introduction of a binding definition for olive oil sold in Australia.

Picture by avlxyz

The ACCC argues that true extra-virgin olive oil should have the following characteristics:

It is widely accepted that it is the highest grade oil obtained from the first press of the best quality olives, is not blended with other oil and there are no solvents or refining in the process.

Three brands have been withdrawn from the local market after failing to meet that standard. The strong flavour of extra-virgin oil means it doesn't suit everything (it's a bit much for mayonnaise, for example), but if you are paying for it, it should meet the definition. Now, back to your dressing...



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