eBay Tightens Deadlines On Unpaid Dispute Process

eBay has changed the deadlines for sellers to lodge complaints about items that haven't been paid for, a move which might help reduce friction when it comes to deadbeat bidders.

The changes include reducing the minimum time period for lodging a dispute after closing a sale from 7 days to 4 and halving the dispute resolution period to 30 days. The one change which makes it harder to lodge a dispute is reducing the time allowed after a sale for a dispute to be opened from 45 days to 32 days — but in practice, that still seems a reasonable amount of time.

Changes to Unpaid Item dispute process [eBay]


    I discovered a scam where these ebayers leave it late to post the item to you, i.e. close to the 30 day limit - and then by the time you receive, take some time to use it and discover it doesn't work - the time limit for lodging a complaint has passed. Ebay knows that, and is just trying to limit the work they have to do.

      That kind of scam wouldn't be affected by these rules changes though, since they're all about sellers failing to pay rather than disputes over the quality of goods.

    ebay's a JOKE! Why use ebay anyways? They just rip people off. Try Selling on sellbits.com. They're much cheaper and easier to use.

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