Custom Chromium Build Brings RoboForm to Chrome

Windows: RoboForm, one of our readers' favorite password managers, is only officially available as an add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Unless you grab a custom Chromium build with a RoboForm adaptor built in, crafted by the RoboForm team itself.

The build is Windows-only at this point, and requires a separate installation of the RoboForm software. But for those eager to use the well-regarded password storage and auto-filling features of RoboForm, or who aren't using Xmarks for Chrome, it's a pretty handy solution.

RoboForm and the adaptable Chromium build are free downloads for Windows systems only.

RoboForm for Google Chrome / Chromium browser [via Web Worker Daily]


    That's awesome news.

    Now if they'll sort out support for the Mac and get decent online syncing, I'll finally be able to ditch Lastpass (which whilst functional, I've never enjoyed quite like Roboform).

    The world is looking up.

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