Common Mistakes On Tax Returns

Common Mistakes On Tax Returns
DohSubmitting your tax return via an agent or accountant and want to make sure there’s no mistakes? The Australian Taxation Office has produced a list of common errors made by agents, worth double-checking before you sign off your return.

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Most of these are obvious errors, like incorrect names, dates of birth or changes in address, but failing to get these right can delay any refund. You can’t expect your accountant to be a psychic, and ultimately you still bear responsibility for the content of the return. For more tax pointers, check out how long you need to keep tax documents, why you should challenge a dubious tax assessment and how occupation guides can help you.

Common errors that delay income tax returns [ATO]


  • My accountant made a mistake once, it took 2 years for the ATO to find the mistake and they penalised me. My accountant admitted the mistake was his but according to the ATO “you sign the tax return, it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s correct”. I said I go to a registered tax accountant because I don’t understand tax law, but they still don’t care.
    btw: my accountant paid the fine because he said it was his mistake and not my problem. I keep using him to this day.

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