ColorJive Helps You Visualise New Room Colours Before Painting

You want to repaint a room but you're not sure if the colour will look right. Holding up a little colour swatch only goes so far, ColorJive helps you paint the entire room—in virtual space.

Upload a picture of your room, a well and evenly lit photo work best, and begin applying colours from the available palette. You can use the enormous palette from COLOURLovers to access a nearly infinite colour palette—although you may have a little trouble replicating it at your local home improvement store—or you can select from the official palettes of Benjamin Moore and Sherman Williams.

The free account limits you to three colours per pictures, and you're limited to saving one picture although you can have three versions of it. The premium account is $US15 per year and you can save up to 10 photos, 7 different versions of each, and use up to 5 colours per image—for those of you wanting to turn your room into a modernist painting.

Have your own favourite tool for checking colours or planning new home projects? Let's hear about it in the comments.

ColorJive [via MakeUseOf]


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