Chrome For Mac Stable Release Coming "Within Months"

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in an interview a couple of days ago that Chrome for Mac is very important to Google, and that a final version of Chrome should be available for OS X "within months".

It's pretty vague, but seems entirely reasonable, considering that the Chrome dev channel version for Macs is actually very usable. Have you been using Chrome on your Mac — or are you waiting for a stable release? If you have been using Chrome's dev channel releases for OS X, let's hear how happy you've been with it in the comments.

AllThingsD [via Gizmodo]


    It's so much faster to use than Safari, integration into OS X is not as smooth but it's a very minor problem. Only issue is the lack of an ad-blocking plugin however I'm sure one will be released soon, if not already. Looking forward to the final release, I'll be converting for sure.

    Been using the Mac Dev version as my primary browser for a while, and on occasion using Firefox when things don't load properly.
    Loads almost instantly unlike Firefox or Safari, so if the final release just makes more sites accessible and functional then I'm probably be sticking with it for a while.

    It is really quick but safari has the advantage in snow leopard because it is running 64bit

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