Choice Shonky Awards Single Out Qantas

Shonkys_QANTASEach year, consumer advocacy magazine Choice gives out its "Shonky Awards" for the most dubious examples of stupid and deceptive behaviour by major brands. Top of the list this year? Qantas' $7.70 per domestic booking credit card charge, which Choice says is way above the industry average of 1%.

I've paid (and cursed) that fee more than a few times: the easiest way to avoid it is to use BPAY instead. Other products singled out include credit protection insurance (of any brand) and a Tiffany food processor that falls apart when shredding cheese. Hit the link for the full list, and share your own examples of shonky products in the comments.

The 2009 Shonky Awards [Choice]



    I've had numerous bad experiences with Qantas re customer service over the phone. The latest one was when I called to ask for a refund of my ticket. This lady doesnt sound to friendly, started her spiel about refund procedures non-stop then in the end said "....and that means you're not getting any money back" in what sounded like the most unfriendly and b*tchy way. I was shocked and in defense said "Im glad I wont be using Qantas anymore." Then she replied by saying "Would you like me to cancel your ticket now?" which to me sounded unsympathetic and insulting, and the wrong timing. I've never looked back since and used other airlines instead. So it is not only the fees, it's just bad customer service, period. And to think Qantas use the tagline "Spirit of Australia". I don't think so.

    I'm still angry with Qantas over a customer service representative that I spoke with to query 60,000 FF points I lost. I had just booked an overseas holiday with Qantas to add to my total after not travelling for a while but found that my points were gone. The guy told me it was due to lack of activity and said that while my upcoming trip was booked before the cut-off date, the booking did not count as account activity. When I asked about a $400 fare I was refused a refund for 6 months earlier, he told me "Obviously that does not qualify, This is a frequent FLYER's program"!

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