Chime Adds Facebook Update Support

FacebookChimeChime, the service which lets you update your Twitter status via an Australian SMS number, has extended its options so you can also update your Facebook status.

Link your Facebook account to Chime via Facebook Connect and you can send updates directly to Facebook from any SMS-capable phone. If you've signed up for both Facebook and Twitter, the update will go to both sites; you can precede it with 'tw' or 'fb' to restrict it. Adding Facebook might not matter if (like me) you already send Twitter updates to Facebook by default, but if your online life is more nuanced, it's a useful addition.



    or you could just link your facebook and twitter accounts.

    Can anyone advise whether this gets charged at premium SMS rates, or whether it just comes out of your standard plan?

      It's a standard SMS number -- just comes out of your normal plan. (According to other posters, it's a Telstra number, so it might be free to text on certain Telstra plans.)

        Excellent. I rarely get near my cap each month, but it's always annoying when some calls/SMSs are charged outside the cap. I'll be taking advantage of this one.

    I am LOVING Chime!! The product is awesome, and their team of people are friendly and helpful.

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