Checklist Template For Before You Go On Holidays

TravelChecklistIf you're leaving home for an extended period, there's always an extensive list of tasks to complete before you go. A free template for Word users covers all the main points you're likely to need to cover.

Like most such templates, you'll probably want to make a few changes to fit your specific circumstances, but it's a good memory jogger. As usual, Microsoft loses points for forcing you to use Internet Explorer just to download a template — not good enough, Redmond!

Travel checklist [Microsoft via Inside Office Online blog]


    It doesn't force you - if you're not using IE, the site flags this as a 'problem', but offers a manual download button (which does work) anyway.

    Not that I'm defending Microsoft here. It's a crummy and dishonest tactic to flag the use of a non-MS browser as a 'problem' in this way.

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