BumpTop Gets Amazing-Looking MultiTouch On Windows 7

BumpTop, the 3D desktop overlay we've drooled over since prototype, has added multitouch support for Windows 7 and hardware that supports it. It's a logical step, and it makes a neat actual-desktop-as-desktop metaphor seem truly real.

The video really says it all, but BumpTop's blog details the specific finger actions you can undertake with BumpTop running on Windows 7. Here's a small sampling:

Would a finger-controlled desktop make your file, photo, and other operations that much more simple, or would you spend way too much time tossing things around? Tell us your take on multitouch BumpTop in the comments.

BumpTop Gets Multi-Touch Support on Windows 7 [BumpTop Blog]


    Eh, you've linked the wrong link in the 'drooled over the prototype', unless you meant that this program came from a mail.app :o

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