Brown Walls And Beechwood: A Basement Office

We get the privilege of watching today's workspace transform from an empty basement with little more than concrete walls and studs, into a gorgeous and functional office.

Lifehacker reader Marty Nelson moved into a house with a completely unfinished basement. An unfinished basement, to a DIYer, is a blank canvas that must be filled in. Marty set to work turning a portion of his basement into a fantastic workspace with hardwood floors, a dark and soothing colour palette, ample storage, and a spacious desk.

Check out the photos below to get a closer look at the office in progress and in its present state. You can visit the link to his Flickr set to see more pictures and if you're curious what lies at the end of the hallway see in the last photo you can take a peek into his—also self-designed and built—home theatre.

Brown Walls and Beechwood: A Basement Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    This is a fabulous space! I particularly like the desk arrangement. I have two computers and need accessible bench space alongside each: this desk shape is a brilliant solution, with space to spare in the centre, for other work.
    It brings home my strong desire for a basement office. Although I'm a big fan of natural light, I find I often have to draw my blinds to get the monitors looking their best (important for graphics work and video editing).
    Having all this equipment in the basement is also a great security measure.
    My next home will have basement..

    Circadian rhythm fail!

    No natural light for a 9 hour workday, going back upstairs to a dark house and bedroom, waking up in the morning light before returning for another 23 hours of darkness.

    The office needs to be in the light on the ground floor, with meat locker and acid bath in the basement for after hours, not the other way around.

      Martin stfu... your "office" is probably that little space in between the blue recycle bin and the family van!

      This is an impressive room. Clean, organized, functional and easy on the eye.

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