Bluff Your Way Through Classic Movies

Bluff Your Way Through Classic Movies
CitizenKaneIt’s always an embarrassing social moment — trying to pretend you’ve seen a hugely important movie which you know nothing about. BBC News helps you fake your way with bluffers’ summaries of classic movies, including Gone With The Wind and Citizen Kane.

Picture by Wikimedia Commons

While there’s lots of information about any given movie out there (iMDB and Wikipedia are the obvious places to start), the advantage of this kind of guide is it tells you the key details without bogging you done in unneeded detail. I really could have used one of these for the original Star Wars, which I didn’t see until I was in my twenties.

If your biggest movie worry is when you can safely take a bathroom break, check out previously mentioned RunPee.

How to pretend you’ve seen a classic film [BBC News]


  • This is also really handy for people who like to find out the synopsis of a story before reading the book or watching the movie.

    And let’s be honest: Some classical movies are really boring. I’m currently working on a 2500-word essay on technical codes in Citizen Kane and it’s boring me to tears. I’d pick a stupid film over Orson Welles’ groundbreaking movies any day.

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