Automatically Open PDFs, PowerPoint Presentations With Google's Doc Viewer

Most web browsers: Google's Doc Viewer allows you to view any PDF, PPT, and TIFF directly in your browser without downloading the file and launching another heavy desktop application. This user script automatically redirects any link to such files to Doc Viewer

After installing the script (which works with Greasemonkey for Firefox, the dev build of Chrome, Opera, Safari with GreaseKit, and IE with IE7Pro), it will convert any link pointing directly to a download of PDF, PPT, and TIFF files to a link to view those files in the Google Doc Viewer. If the idea sounds familiar, we highlighted a bookmarklet that could do the same thing on a case-by-case basis, but this user script will do the trick every time.

PDF/PPT/TIF viewer with Google docs [Userscripts via Google Operating System]


    Would be mad if this could be converted into a firefox addon

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