Are Discount Stores Always Cheaper?

ChristmasCardsWalk into any shopping mall or main street and you'll see a host of $2 shops, bargain outlets and other cash-saving options. But just because a store brands itself as cheap, does that mean it's always the best-priced option?

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The Australian Newsagency Blog argues that isn't always the case, noting discrepancies in Christmas card prices and quality between those you can buy in a newsagency and those you can buy in the Reject Shop:

They had a large display single Christmas cards priced at $3.95. Cheap designs and cheap production quality - expensive for what you get. You are better off buying their dirt cheap Christmas cards - around $1.00 each - if you must buy from the Reject Shop. What the Reject Shop does well is pitch themselves as cheap. Shoppers ought to shop around because as I saw the value proposition is not always as it seems.

While a newsagency blog clearly has an axe to grind, there's no doubt that not everything in a $2 shop is worth $2 (even leaving aside whether you care about the brand). What items do you always find cheaper in bargain stores, and are there cases where you have been burnt? Share your findings in the comments.

Reject Shop not so cheap for Christmas cards [Australian Newsagency Blog]


    My local '$2.00' shop is the best place to buy brand name washing powder. It is always 3.00 instead of about $9.00 at the supermarket upstairs.

    Looked at title thinking, read the same thing on NA blog this morning. Read the site every day, it's interesting hearing what crap newsagents go through - can't think of any other business where the suppliers dictate how you run your own shop.

    I believe somethings are absolute rubbish, but the example of a birthday card, think about it...

    It either gets recycled, kept forever (unlikely) or worse case scenario... tossed into the bin. A $5 card from the newsagent or a $1 card from a bargain store. I know where im spending my money.

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