ACCC Keeping Tight Watch On Petrol Discounts

ColesSupermarketBack in July, we suggested that the ACCC wasn't likely to let massive fuel discounts in return for large amounts of supermarket spending become the norm. Last week, it proved exactly that.

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Coles' plans to run a similar fuel discount deal to the ones seen in July were scuppered when the ACCC objected, forcing it to withdraw the deals at the last minute. The lesson? You probably don't want to rely on fuel discounts until you've actually got the fuel. If they come along, they're a nice bonus, but there are plenty of other more reliable tactics for saving money.

ACCC questions latest Coles fuel discount promotion [ACCC]


    the saving money link points here..

    I actually find that the money my fiance and I save by shopping at markets rather than supermarkets more than pays for the saving that the supermarkets give you on fuel. Shop smart, it's the only way to save money. If you're forcing yourself to spend a certain amount at the supermarket every time you shop you will end up negating the discount anyway.

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