16% Of Australians Use Smart Phones

Once you've used a smart phone, it's hard to imagine how you survived without one. But despite the undoubted convenience of access-anywhere Internet, documents and contacts, only one in six Australians currently uses a smart phone.

That figure comes from research firm Telsyte, which suggests that while 16% of local the workforce uses a smart phone, amongst general consumers the figure is just 12%. Telsyte suggests that three vendors are competing to dominate the space: Apple, BlackBerry and Android. That's not great news for Nokia or Microsoft, though the former still has the largest number of phones in the market.

The reality is that we're not going to see a single dominant vendor, nor do we want one. (I'm personally a total BlackBerry fan, but I can see how the iPhone appeals to a large number of casual users, and the open-source promise of Android will grab others even if Google likes to clamp down on its potential in practice.) What features do you think are needed to grow the smart phone market? Share your wisdom in the comments.


    Ask the question how many use the features of the smart phone. I have a smart phone but all I use it for is making calls and sending SMS.

    I don't think it's a "feature" issue, but rather a price issue. Buying a phone outright is outrageously expensive and anyone in their right mind wouldn't sign up for a 24-month contract to get one for "free"...

    1) Lower prices for data.
    2) Larger screens.
    3) QWERTY keyboards.

    Wow, I wouldn't have picked Android as much of a contender in the Australian space yet; the only other people I've seen using it have been Google employees.

    Really, the only disappointing thing I'm finding about smart phones is the battery life. I miss the week-long standby time of my old Nokia brick.

    Wouldn't the cost of 3G Internet be a major reason? Either the rates are too high or the allowance too small (or both!) to really get the most out of smart phones. Otherwise, why spend all that money to get a smart phone to just make telephone calls?

    Blame draconian phone contracts, and stupid and confusing data plans.
    Oh and one phone providers "Global Shortage" of a particular Smart phone, or that they won't be getting any of another brands because they don't fit with their network.

    There are two reasons I don't use a smart phone.

    1. price.
    2. price of data access.

    I would love a iphone, but I can't afford the cheapest "cap" per month (which I believe was about $30/$40 month last time I checked) and to buy prepaid costs $750 for the phone which is out of the price range of most people too.

    Also, I think you might find the average australian has never heard of Android. I know I only came across it recently and even now I am unsure exactly what it is. Everyone seems to be talking about it, but not even its official site seems to be clear on exactly what it is and why I should care about it lol

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