10 Photoshop Tricks You Didn't Know

PhotoShopExampleAfter more than 20 years in development, it's no wonder that Photoshop is packed with features even experienced users don't often run into. Photoshop expert Helen Bradley runs down ten useful but lesser-known features in the well-regarded image editing package.

The tips range from the frequently useful (double-clicking the grey background to open a file) to the more esoteric but still fascinating (turning ellipses into circles). Hit the post for the full list, then share your own Photoshop rarities in the comments.

10 Photoshop interface features you didn't know existed


    I knew a few of these - can you change the title of the blog to "10 Photoshop Tricks We Assume You Didn’t Know but you may know some of even maybe all 10"

    Hmm, I'm with Steve. I would have thought most of those were basic things that most people who have used PS for even a little while would know.

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