Windows 8 May Include Sleep/Hibernate, Core Security Boosts

Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft watcher extraordinaire, looks around what's being said and whispered, about the next version of Windows after 7 and finds a few job listings, resume lines and discussions that offer a few clues.

She points out a UX Evangelist post indicating there's work being done in improving the sleep/hibernate/resume experience, a focus on anti-hacker kernel security and a distributed file system implementation to ease file access across networks. If you've been testing out 7, or just reading closely, what next steps would you like to see Microsoft take with Windows 8?

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    unix-like shell/CLI with support for GNU toolchain/binutils (like Mac OS). I have no idea how they would do it, or how much of their "closed source" would be compromised, but it would be a master stroke in the OS wars, and remove the need for installing (or dual-booting) linux for many users.

    Something that has been pointed out again and again is the complexity of UPGRADING from one version of Windows to the next on an old or new computer and especially between two computers of different generations. It would be cool if Microsoft could introduce the 100% safe way of inplace upgrading on a computer, bringing everything into the next version without having to manually transfer everything via cable, harddisk or USB and without having to format the harddisk and start a clean installation.

      they fixed that in Vista, and it is in 7. When you install windows just click 'Upgrade' all your settings and documents and games will all be installed and identical.

      Even if you start a new, all your old files go to the 'windows.old' folder, just delete the windows folder and the program files in there and move over your User Folder. And that is the worst case scenario.

    Seperate User Data and Windows OS files. (a profile (doc & settings) is not seperate. )

    Only with Windows 7 have they finly introduced a boot partition!

    Perhaps the same aproch should be taken with Windows! Even better if they made that partition READ ONLY. Then if you have a issue, just reboot. It should also boot faster.

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