Which Google Annoyances Need Fixing?

Brian Mingus posts at Google Blogoscoped about 15 Google-related "bug reports" he wrote up a year ago, noting that many have been fixed or otherwise addressed. We're wondering what annoyances or outright bugs you feel need addressing around Google's services.

You can read Mingus' full list of 15 "bug reports" at his post, but here's a small sampling of the kind of things that drew his ire one year ago, and appreciation today (italics added to differentiate quotes):

13) The Google Accounts page looks like it was designed in Microsoft FrontPage by a novice. This is my personal data you are representing, thanks!

This bug is clearly fixed – Google has centralized all of your settings and cleaned up the accounts page.

14) Google forgot to send Google Groups to their PhD sporting UI gurus. I'm colour blind and I can tell you that schema is a disaster.

Groups now has a beautiful interface and I have been invited to more and more groups that have been started up for local activities, such as quick pick up summertime volleyball games in my town.

Now it's your turn. What behaviours, features or areas, where attention isn't being paid, drive you up the wall? Like Mingus' list, we'd ask that you keep the complaints human-scale and fixable in the immediate sense — more "unify Google Calendar and Gmail's looks" than "Drastically change every aspect of contact management".

Tell us your take in the comments, and we'll see if we can't round up a decent multi-part bug report of our own.

15 Annoying Things About Google revisited [Google Blogoscoped]


    1) If you're overseas, Google ignores your OS, browser and Google account language preferences to use the dominant language at the IP address you're querying on. Makes life hellish for tourists and business travellers.
    2) The Google language page has the names of all languages localized into the current language. This is NOT helpful. If you know another language then you know its local name. If your page is stuck in the wrong language then you may not know the way your language is named in that language (even English can be hard to find).
    3) Google Calendar events will by default link to Google Maps in US locations unless you fully qualify your non-US event with a country. It won't work off your account settings, the google domain you're on, or godhelpus even the IP address. US trumps everything.

    For me it is Google's lack of service and support for their products and inability to make contact with them.

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