Use Google Reader As Your Own Private Google

Some folks have declared RSS dead, and while we'd never make so bold a claim at this point (we still love RSS), blogger Steve Rubel demonstrates how—even if you're not using Google Reader regularly—it makes for an excellent personal database.

It's not an altogether new idea, and Google Reader's search box has been around for a couple of years now (it even supports operators), but it's not an idea we've ever specifically highlighted. In a nutshell, Rubel demonstrates how nicely Reader works as a searchable database of your favourite web sites—it's sort of like running your own cultivated custom Google search engine. The only downside is that you'll only get contact for as far back as you've been subscribed to a particular feed, though in some cases that might be what you'd prefer anyway.

Screencast: Google Reader Isn't Just for News, It's Also an Awesome Database [Steve Rubel]


    Can't believe some people think RSS is dead. I mean really? Just because twitter is now around or something?

    I love google reader. Especially with slow internet connections. All I do is look at the reader on my ipod touch then, if interested in a particular story hit it and check it out. Easy.

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