Turn A Fridge Into A Household Chalkboard

In many kitchens, the side of a refrigerator can't be hidden, and serves, at best, as a spare surface for random magnets. Unless you bust out some make-it-yourself chalkboard paint and turn it into a colorful, helpful organiser.

That's what Kristin Hoppe did, and she thankfully detailed her purchases, costs, mixing, painting, sanding, and final product in words and photos at her blog. The total project ran about $US24 and required about three hours of actual work, with two days for everything to dry and set in place. Looks a bit better than just a big beige surface when walking into the kitchen, and it's now useful as a space to write reminders or compile a grocery list. Thanks Kristin!

Painting my fridge [Kristin Hoppe]


    Who would want to use the fridge for a shopping list? Not very practical when trying to lug the fridge to Coles to remember what to buy...

    Why would you waste time and money doing that? How about just getting some whiteboard markers and doing nothing to the fridge?!

    Well, I just tried that with an Artline 500 whiteboard marker and it's gone permanent!

    any ideas how to erase?

    I've tried isopropyl alcohol - neat
    window cleaner,
    bathroom cleaner


      try some wd40

    If you want to use your fridge as a white board cover a section with clear or white contact and use that covered section only. Otherwise you will find, like Mike above, that white board markers tend to leave nasty marks on your fridge.

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