Tricks For Finding Cheaper iPhone Apps

pandoraboxcThere's plenty of good free iPhone apps, but for some functions, you're going to end up shelling out some cash. How can you be sure you're not paying too much for an application that occasionally goes on special?

At PC Authority, Alex Kidman covers two applications, PandoraBox and AppSniper, which track the pricing of applications you're keen on and send alerts if the prices drop. PandoraBox has one big advantage over AppSniper: it's free. You won't always get savings — as the article points out, the pricing is in US dollars, and some discounts don't translate into Australian prices as well — but it's a no-cost way of minimising overspending on nice-but-not-essential apps.

Amazing Apps for your Phone: here's how to get cheap iPhone apps [PC Authority]


    I check through every now and again. It more of a passive method of finding cheaper applications.

    Its lists all international apps so their may be a lot not available in Aus but its worth a look.

    I use too. It's not just passive - if you register, it will send you emails when one of your watched applications drops in price.

    There's also for a daily list of apps that are now free.

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