Top Underhyped Webapps, 2009 Edition

Top Underhyped Webapps, 2009 Edition

As with rock music, video games, and other awesome pursuits, great web applications often don’t get enough credit for what they do well. We’re revisiting and updating our underhyped webapps to give a new crop of contenders their due.

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Note for purists from Oz ed: this is a top eight rather than a top 10 since our US counterparts picked two webapps that were no use whatsoever outside the US.

8. Freckle

Remember the MilkOriginal post

7. TinyChat

Original post

6. ScreenToaster

quick ScreenToaster testOriginal post

5. Lovely Charts

Original post

4. Instapaper & Read It Later

Read It LaterInstapaper

3. PDF to Word

other free PDF toolsOriginal post


handle the rare faxing jobrecord voice memos by telephonequick multimedia presentations

1. The Aviary suite

Phoenixbest online image editorFalconpaste it after Aviary.comfull-featured audio editortotally geeked out over

What underrated webapps are making life easier for you? Which smaller-scale sites do their jobs better than the big guys? Trade your tips in the comments.


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