Top 10 Tactics For Protecting Your Stuff

Top 10 Tactics For Protecting Your Stuff

We’ve offered up a wealth of tips on locking down your data, but old-school, straight-up stealing is another matter entirely. Try these 10 tips on securing, disguising, tracking down and hiding your goods so they don’t get nicked.

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10. Sign your gear, add return incentives

9. Make your lunch look less appetising

faux-moldy anti-theft lunch bagsOriginal post

8. Get a carry bag that doesn’t scream “Steal me!”

newspaper sleeveold plastic bagscardboardold wetsuit

7. Put a cute baby in your wallet

Original post

6. Destroy a credit card the right way

If you’re looking to ditch one of your expired or unused credit cards, don’t just give it one or two token scissor cuts and toss it where identity thieves would love to have a go at it. Try the method recommended by the Wallet Pop blog, which involves using a strong magnet and 15 cuts across your little debt recorder. (Original post)

5. Erase your hard drives the permanent way

properly erasing your physical mediaPhoto by scragz.

4. Uglify gear you don’t want grabbed

took his “ugly camera” for a spinnice bikeOriginal post

3. Make little changes to prevent identity theft

the Three ‘D’s of identity theft protectionFTC’s identity theft tipsfinancial records you don’t need

2. Know where to hide your money

a former burglar suggestsOriginal post

1. Set up a laptop security system

securing your laptop on multiple fronts

How do you secure your gear, money, documents, and other items against low-tech thievery—beyond, of course, locking your door and closing your windows? Tell us about your more creative theft deterrents in the comments.


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