Time Shift TV Ratings Plans Firm Up

Time Shift TV Ratings Plans Firm Up

Plans to include recorded-to-watch-later shows in Australian TV ratings are firming up, with electronic devices set to track whether a show gets watched for up to seven days after recording.

Specialist TV blog TV Tonight reports that the delayed figure will be reported separately to viewers who watch “live”, but you can guarantee that the TV networks will add the numbers together when it suits them. Catching shows watched within a week should cover a fair proportion of viewing, though it doesn’t make allowance for the quite common scenario of block-recording an entire series and then watching it either in a big weekend-long block or over a long period like summer when there’s less competition from regular programming. Advertisers loathe both those scenarios, of course, but if they’re not tracked, there’s no telling how frequently that might happen.

The one method this doesn’t allow for is people who download TV torrents, even if they do so with a local show within the week of its broadcast. (Such activity is illegal, but that doesn’t seem to stop too many people, does it?)

Ratings readies for Live & Time Shift [TV Tonight]


  • “It will apply to devices connected to a television set … such as PVRs, TiVo, Foxtel IQ and MyStar. It will also include programs viewed through a VCR or DVD recorder with iPods and computers to be included at a later date”
    So maybe torrents later? or just Windows Media Centre later?

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