The Million Years Of LiteStep Desktop

Reader nitzua's Windows XP desktop completely customises the interface without cluttering up the desktop with gadgets you might never see—moving launchers into the context menu using the LiteStep alternate shell environment.

The desktop is a combination of:

  • Visual Style - Windows Classic, with a 3dcc by me.
  • Icons - Gnome from the tango patcher
  • Wallpaper - 'renew' from the nature details pack
  • Litestep - blend of zero by jive (kareem) and a theme he started for me based on this mockup
  • Firefox - Tiny Menu, Titlebartweaks, custom userchrome.css, custom theme
  • Start page - my mod of twelve by noka
  • Applications - Zeed image viewer (reshacked), Pidgin, Mirc, Y'z shadow, Qttabbar
  • Font - Lucida Grande

Impressive job, nitzua!

A Million Years [Flickr]


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