The Father-Son Workspace

Normally you would associate a family workspace with messiness, but today's featured workspace is quite a well-ordered space with plenty of room for a father and son pair to get work done.

Lifehacker reader repete7 combined store-bought desk and chair sets with DIY stands to create a low-key workspace that blends into his home's decor and still has space for both he and his son to work. Their two desks are separated by a file cabinet with a printer stand on top.

Both the printer stand and the scanner stand, to the left of the Mac, are simply boards that were measured, mitered and screwed together before being painted black. The space under the printer stand makes the perfect spot to stash the modem and router that link the two computers to the outside world. Visit the Flickr set for additional photo notes.

The Father-Son Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    That image is labeled MOTHER-son workspace.

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