The Budget-Conscious Home Office

Waiting for that windfall before you get around to planning your perfect home office? Today's featured office is a testament to how careful shopping and design alleviates the need for a big home office budget.

Lifehacker reader Patrix99 has put together a functional home office on a budget, although you certainly wouldn't guess it at first glance. By keeping his colour scheme and furnishing simple he was able to tie the space together with a minimal outlay of cash.

Thanks to some cheap and sturdy furnishings from economical retailers like Ikea and Walmart he could put his funds towards more important things like an external monitor and hard drive for his MacBook.

The desk has tidy cable management thanks to a two-fold approach: peripherals are stored on the keyboard tray tucked out of site and cables are corralled in a cable rack under the desk—the rack is hidden by a simple piece of black mat board attached to the back of the desk. Check out the full set at the link below for photo notes.

The Budget-Conscious Home Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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