The Bluetooth Passcodes You'll (Nearly) Always Need

BluetoothExampleTrying to use Bluetooth to pair a device like a headset or keyboard, but keep being asked for an unknown four-digit passcode? Long experience suggests that it's very likely to be 0000, 1234 or (a tad more rarely) 9999.

Picture by Neil T

Having such obvious passwords is, of course, a major security no-no in general terms. But for Bluetooth devices such as headsets, security often takes second place to convenience, and on cheaper devices, you may not have the option of changing the code anyway. If you're a Bluetooth veteran, this is rather obvious advice, but it's worth noting for newbies.


    There's really no point in having a security code on something like a headset as they need to be placed into pairing mode in order for another device to even connect to it. Keyboards generally require you to type the code on the keyboard itself then press enter and it'll work.

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