The Best Cheap Office Upgrades

Sometimes the best way to give your workflow a boost is to give your workspace a makeover. Even if money's a bit tight right now, there are cheap ways to spruce up the place where you're earning your keep.

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Organise Your Workspace You can't work at your peak if you're constantly searching for the tools you need to get your job done. Whether it's making sure the basics are close at hand or keeping the non-essentials tucked away, finding a home for everything is a good place to start. First, get your pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. off the desk and into some hanging buckets.

Cable Management Once all of the office supplies and computer equipment are where they're supposed to be, all the cables that connect them need to be dealt with. Rather than have them in a tangled mess on the floor, mount them under the desk with an IKEA coat hanger or some rain gutters.

Laptop/Monitor Stand For ergonomics, as well as getting things off the desk, using a stand to elevate your laptop or monitor just makes sense if you're going to sit in front of it for eight hours a day. However, there's no need to go out and buy a fancy, expensive stand. With a little DIY ingenuity, almost anything can be used to get your screen up to eye level. PVC or metal pipe can be used to make a functional, minimalistic stand. Even cheaper—absolutely free by repurposing an old cardboard box—is the cardboard laptop stand.

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