The Airy Offices Of Strawberrysoup

If you have an expectation of designers working in an airy and colourful office, the newly revamped and remodeled offices of Strawberrysoup won't disappoint.

Most of the time we peek into the individual offices and cubicles of Lifehacker readers. Occasionally we find a whole office of Lifehacker fans who want to share.

Earlier this year Strawberrysoup, a web-design agency, moved into new offices. What started off as a stark and empty space is now a vibrant workspace with an open floor plan. There are plenty of spots to sprawl out with a laptop, have an impromptu meeting, and stretch your legs. Check out the pictures below to see their minty-fresh new office.

The Airy Offices of Strawberrysoup [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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